This one-minute video highlights the Spacefaring Institute’s vision of the exciting future ahead for Americans as America leads a spacefaring industrial revolution to tap the immense resources of outer space to provide worldwide sustainable, prosperous living using astroelectricity.

Achieving “Freedom from Want” using astroelectricity

This one-minute, narrated video introduces how space solar power-generated astroelectricity has the potential to provide the world with the abundant green energy needed to end poverty, achieving “Freedom from Want”.

Two videos explaining space solar power

The coming age of astroelectricity

The potential of space solar power-generated astroelectricity to supply the world with abundant clean energy is explained in this 10-minute video presentation prepared and narrated by Mr. Mike Snead, Professional Engineer and president and founder of the Spacefaring Institute LLC. He presented this video as part of the June 2021 Space Renaissance International 3rd World Congress 2021.

Sustainably powering the world with space solar power

Mr. Mike Snead, Professional Engineer and president and founder of the Spacefaring Institute LLC, was invited on 14 July 2023 to present at a workshop on space solar power hosted by the European Space Agency. Mr. Snead provided this highly-visual, narrated video—personally prepared by Mr. Snead—for his presentation. In this video, Mr. Snead quantitatively explains why wind power and ground solar power are not practicable solutions for the world to “go clean” with renewable energy. Mr. Snead then quantitatively explains how space solar power can meet the world’s need for abundant clean energy to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Mr. Snead also proposed and illustrates how a commercialized version of the unmanned cargo version of the Space Launch System can be used to begin to build the low Earth orbit astrologistics infrastructure needed to “jump start” the upcoming “Spacefaring Age”.

Evaluating America’s green energy options including astroelectricity

The Spacefaring Institute’s president and founder, Mike Snead, P.E., authored a four-part article identifying America’s future green energy needs and quantitively evaluating America’s options  for practicably transitioning away from fossil carbon fuels to green energy. This information is an update to the quantitative information in his earlier book, Astroelectricity (downloadable for free below). The links below are to the online Space Review website where this article was published.

Evaluating America’s green energy options including astroelectricity (Part 1)

Evaluating America’s green energy options including astroelectricity (Part 2)

Evaluating America’s green energy options including astroelectricity (Part 3)

Evaluating America’s green energy options including astroelectricity (Part 4)


A PDF of Mike Snead’s eBook, Astroelectricity, can be downloaded for free from ResearchGate by clicking here.

In addition to addressing the use of space solar power-generated astroelectricity for supplying America with abundant green energy, in Astroelectricity Mike Snead also explains how astroelectricity will combine with the coming AI (algorithm-instructed) revolution in key robotic manufacturing, deconstruction, recycling, and construction industries to enable America to be “renewed” literally from the ground up as a free, prosperous, energy secure, and sustainable country rebuilt to new and expansive 22nd century standards.

As Mike Snead explains in the article and book, only astroelectricity can prevent the clearly foreseeable “Great Reset” impositions of green energy impoverishment that will unavoidably happen with America only pursuing the terrestrial options of wind power and ground solar power. With undertaking the development of space solar power, America will lead the free world in ending “freedom from want” and entering the 22nd century prosperous and at peace with abundant global green energy.

Building an American astrologistics infrastructure

A peak at what America’s exciting spacefaring future can be!

This short video provides examples of the type of astrologistics capabilities the United States can build using the Space Launch System. 

This article explains the concepts illustrated in the above video. (Click to open in a new window.)

Spacefaring Institute’s Mission and Vision

To remember what America can do, that no one else has yet done.

Spacefaring Institute’s Vision

Transforming America into a true commercial spacefaring nation
with robust, effective, and efficient
human spacefaring operational capabilities
throughout the central solar system.

Spacefaring Institute’s Mission

In partnership with America’s aerospace industry, establish
an American integrated commercial astrologistics infrastructure
providing “aircraft-like” safety and operability
throughout the central solar system
to enable commercial human spacefaring enterprise.